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Artycoin is the current Service token on Artywiz. It is a fully dematerialized token, made on the Ethereum blockchain.

It allows :

• our users to subscribe to Artywiz services,

• our sponsors to buy their presence on advertising space,

• all Artywiz partners to be paid for the use of their logos or document templates.

• Artywiz users to be rewarded for sharing their documents and business experience with the community.

Artycoin Packages

As part of the launch of Artywiz, we offer the acquisition of Artycoins packages
at very attractive rates.

This offer has a limited duration: the price of Artycoins will increase each quarter,
at the rate of the opening of various services Artywiz, to be capped
at 1 € ht by 2021.

Rates valid until 1 August 2019

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